Author: Willie F. Green


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About the Book

This inspirational book is about a young girl who finds herself faced with some of life’s most difficult challenges and decisions that will significantly determine her future. Throughout this unfortunate time in her life, as she endures these whirlwind of events, she remains humble and never loses her faith. Over the course of time, she became a positive role model and an inspiration for others by her strong determination and willpower. A guardian angel appears into her life, and she soon discovers that her life purposes are to change the unimaginable. At last, her journey through life allows her fate to become the beginning of another’s destiny.

Features & Details

Pages: 140
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #fate

About the Author

My name is Willie F. Green. I’m from a small town outside of Quincy, Florida, by the name of Sawdust. I am the oldest of five and was raised by a single mother that had more will power than one could possess. Most of my life was hard, but with the help of my mother through her faith in Jehovah, she managed to make ends meet. There were times I would miss two and three days from school at a time so that I could stay home and help Mom out with small jobs. I really loved school, but under the circumstances and conditions that I was in, I had to come up with a plan to help Mom out. I started hanging out with friends that were into things that were not so good, but for us, it was a way of life. I thought what I was doing was right. Boy let me tell you, doing bad may seem right at first, but in retrospect, it only hurts you in the end. Whether male or female, this message is intended for all. Decision making plays a major role in today’s society because one mistake is okay, but when we continue to make the same mistakes, we end up in places we dread not to be. The streets are not the way out, believe me when I tell you. I did wrong for so long, until I thought wrong was right. I allowed myself to become a victim of my surroundings. As a result of being around negative people, I became negative.

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