The 8-Week+ Program to Reverse Cardiovascular Disease

The 8-Week+ Program to Reverse Cardiovascular Disease

Author: G.A. Mohr, PhD
Pages: 274
Genre: Health & Fitness
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The 8-Week+ Program to Reverse Cardiovascular Disease

- Atherosclerosis explained.
- The Mohr Formula for Heart Disease
- A Unified Theory of Heart Disease
- Diet do's & don'ts and food additives to avoid.
- Losing Weight.
- Quitting smoking
- Alcohol in moderation.
- Detailed diet plans and analysis.
- Dietary supplements for heart disease.
- Exercise and stress reduction.
- The initial 8-week program + the 2-year program.
- Comprehensive coverage of recent research results.
G.A. Mohr, PhD, wrote circa 50 papers for 20 journals. His three books on The Finite Element Method (FEM),
A Microcomputer Introduction to the Finite Element Method
A Treatise on the Finite Element Method and Finite Elements for Solids, Fluids, and Optimization established him as a world-leading scientist, recent books including:
Curing Cancer & Heart Disease
Heart Disease, Cancer and Aging
The Pretentious Persuaders
The Variant Virus
The Doomsday Calculation
The War of the Sexes
2045: A Remote Town Survives Global Holocaust
The History and Psychology of Human Conflict
Elementary Thinking for The 21st Century
He was also coauthor with Edwin Fear of the recent book:
World Religions: The History, Psychology, Issues and Truth and coauthor with Richard Sinclair & Edwin Fear of the recent book:
The Evolving Universe: Relativity, Redshift and Life from Space.

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