Advance Chess Compilations Pertaining To Random Access To Problematic Probabilities

Author: Siafa B Neal


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About the Book

The title of this book, Advance Chess - Compilation Pertaining to Random Access to Problematic Probabilities or (R.A.P.P.) indirectly implies how the data in this Advance Chess book may be a potential source of data mining by Computer Science Engineer who design Computer Chess software by the stretch of one’s imagination. This book discusses how two chess sets (the Double Set Game) may be played on the space-aged game board, Model III, the Longitudinal Star Gate 14 Model. The purpose of designing this type of game board is to allow as many chess players to play chess on a single game board piece; Model III consists of two game boards platforms (the Top Platform, the Air Level, and the Bottom Platform, the Ground Level) which is considered as a single game board piece. Model III may accommodate as many as four unique chess sets, which means that I am able to challenge up to four chess players at an instant, spontaneously and intermittently. This means that I would need to Checkmate my opponents’ Kings at four different occasions. If a chess player controls two chess sets at a time, this would mean that a chess player would need to Checkmate his/her opponent’s Kings only twice to win the match. The game of chess has always been a source of fascination to me. When I became aware that the game of conventional chess was a bit boring, I decided to design chess game boards that would bring intrigue and complexities to most chess players of all ages. The Chess games that are played on these 3-D Advance chess models are categorized under the general umbrella of the Deep Green program. Although Model III is a 3-D model game board, I tried using 3-D matrix dimensions of the games by placing those dimensions into a two-dimensional book which most readers are familiar with , unlike the virtual reality games that uses augmented 3-D Matrix in 3-D space. The use of Augmented Reality using headsets would easily facilitate the process of presenting the 3-D Game Board models into 3-D space, thus bringing the Deep Green games as close to reality as possible.

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Pages: 190
Genre: Juvenile
Tags: #juvenile, #advancechesscompilationspertainingtorandomaccesstoproblematicprobabilities

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