Brainstorming: As Life Goes On

Author: Carlos Williams M.D


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About the Book

The privilege of my existence has been encountering a large number of extraordinary ordinary people that either voluntarily or not, have taught me about life, moral, intellectual, religious and philosophical values of human kind. Perhaps I was hungry for learning because I do not mind the age, race or color of anyone willing to teach me, or pass on to me any or all things they could, because it would be up to me to be able to triage what I should keep and apply, or reject and forget. As a human, I do not reject another human until they prove to be less than willing to contribute to the rest of society, and or themselves. No one will agree with everyone else all the time, and sometimes we disagree in everything, but in my mind every one could agree to disagree and respect each other. Perhaps I think and feel that way because I grew up in a poor country in a poor family earning our existence by doing business with every one that came through the door, regardless of color or language, and after 28 years there, I became a foreign graduate student in a country where I did have to learn the language and culture in order to be a Neurologist who never contemplated living in this country, but found myself here. This is not my work, but a simple account of my encounters with people I met at the end of their life.

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Pages: 72
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #brainstorming:aslifegoeson

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