One Stray Bullet

Author: Teresa Tuthill


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About the Book

In the wild west, a young girl named Connie is orphaned as a child, when her parents and brothers are murdered by a corrupt Sheriff. As the only survivor of his rampage, she is left with Tommy and Billy Chamberlain and their father, who own a farm outside of town. As they grow older, she and Tommy get engaged. When they run into hard times after the death of Tommy and Billy's father, and the bank is requesting more money. They go into town and try to negotiate with them. When they are met with no options to save their farm, they go to a saloon to have a drink and meet up with Jr., who has a plan that will help them save their land and resolve their money issues once and for all. In the same saloon, after a fight breaks out over a bad hand of poker between Jr. and another poker player James and his companion Irene, they all realize that they could all help each other. Eventually, they form the Chambers Gang. From this point on, they begin a whirlwind tour of robbing banks, making friends and making enemies. With one stray bullet that no one is expecting. There is a lot of action, twists and turns and surprises. Some that are so unexpected and some that are, you will not be able to put this book down.

Features & Details

Pages: 224
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #onestraybullet

About the Author

Teresa Tuthill was born and raised on Long Island and has loved reading about the wild west and watching westerns with her father since she was a child. She began writing this book when her mother was diagnosed with cancer, and it became a labor of love. She lives on Long Island with her husband Robert and her two kids James and Abigail. Teresa enjoys spending time with her family and friends, reading books, and watching movies. She is in the medical field and some of her hobbies are dancing, bowling, and writing. This is her first publication.

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