Baeorillia: Beyond The Flames

Author: Derrick Sasuman


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About the Book

In a land of magic and Empires, peace is all but a forgotten commodity. The Chayumi, an oppressed people have declared the ancient kingdom of Tianxia remade. In the midst of it all, Shaeng Min-Yun, fourth born Prince of the Southern Empire of Hayu-Min, stands in the face of the coming tsunami, exiled and disgraced. While the Shaeng battle amongst themselves, he struggles to find his purpose in an Empire that doesn’t want him. Zheng Qi Lin, called the rebirth of the last Queen of Tianxia, leads the rebellion with the hopes and dreams of her people resting on her shoulders. Driven with a sole, burning purpose, she will drive her sword through the Empire to destroy it, or save it. Amid the chaos of the plots, betrayals, wars and honorable fools, the fate of the Empire, the world, teeters on the scales. The secret though, may lie just beyond the flames.

Features & Details

Pages: 772
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #baeorillia:beyondtheflames

About the Author

When Derrick was in High School, instead of studying and doing class work, he would work on Baeorillia: Beyond the Flames. Sometimes to the detriment of his academics. No regrets, though – it was all worth it.

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