Pacific Redwood Mystery

Author: D. I Brooks


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About the Book

What is so amazing is the fact that even with today’s forensic knowledge, you can still get away with a crime. “You can run but you cannot hide” That phrase should also hold true to those that have the power to solve crimes. It is only time, and long overdue like so many other stories untold, this murder is exactly that, still unsolved. It is hard to accept when you might be a mother, wife, coworker, friend or family member. Yes, that is hard, and I acknowledge any family or friend that has had to endure such a nightmare. I tell this story with tears in my eyes, not just for me but also for all those that carry the same burden. Can we forgive? I do not know. All I know is that after forty-five years, I still have hope there is a God and I hope still for justice. Sometimes justice is not just for the hands that commit the act itself, but for those that choose to just let it slide. When is it right for anyone to just let it slide, whether family, friend or authorities? I say never, but your voice has to count, theirs don’t. So I acknowledge the person herself. For the life one led, although short it was, she truly lived and loved before she was so abruptly taken from us, I miss you, Mary, but I know you are playing among the redwoods, near the ocean.”

Features & Details

Pages: 280
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #pacificredwoodmystery

About the Author

d.l. Brooks is a simple, but strong individual that believes in life to its fullest. She resides in Texas close to her loved ones. She enjoys traveling while enjoying old friend and meeting new ones. Her writing is her passion from her youth, which brings her much pleasure and connection to those she learned to love and respect. d.l. always finds time to thank her readers and humble to take the time to respond to their correspondence. She has a great love for her maker, and continues to be an example not only for her family but those she comes in contact with.

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