Night Stalker

Author: Steven Paul Germane


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About the Book

He who walks in the shadows walks in darkness. That was the only way to explain it. Shadows were dark although transparent. You can see through them and they take on the form of everything and anything; good, bad, ugly and evil.

I didn’t know what I was up against. I had no clue what was about to happen to me or my friends. I was kept in the dark until after my thirtieth birthday. Something or someone was attacking and killing people in our community.

It all began a few days before my thirtieth birthday. I had no clue what was going on and neither did anyone around me in my clique.

My life was about to change. I had my first male to male encounter and when he bred me, I was like a dog in heat after he took my virginity. I wanted more and didn’t care who fucked me or who I fucked. I just knew there was something that was making me feel like I couldn’t get enough. I had no clue I had been impregnated by the men who fucked me, and their seed produced an egg that was cross-contaminated with their bloodlines.

I was clueless to what was going on until my humanly death. But my rebirth….

I was carrying the egg of several different species, a vybrid instead of a hybrid. A vybrid is the cross contamination or mixture of several different breeds of species and their bloodlines which create a super human or super species. Their blood was in me also and that could mean one thing, I was a super being myself, not knowing my own strengths or powers. And now, the killer or killers was after me and they wanted my egg.

Love was my weakness, fear my strength. I had to learn to live with both of them so that I could coexist in a world that I had no clue even existed until now. I would have to walk in the shadows and live in the night.

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Pages: 258
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #nightstalker

About the Author

Night Stalker is the tenth book completed by American Author Steven Paul-Germanè, who was born June 28th, 1966. Please enjoy his other literary works of LGBQT Fiction Erotica, Family Drama and Supernatural Thrillers which are as follows:

• The Barber’s Shop • Storm: Book I • Witness • Taken by Storm: Storm Book II • The Paper Boy’s Paper Route • Storms of Life: Storm Book III • Aftermath: Storm Book IV • Anotha Storm: Storm Book V • Rage in Storm: Storm Book VI

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