And He Was My Friend

Author: Gene Russell


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About the Book

Why would I write the book, “AND HE WAS MY FRIEND”? In 1975, I felt another book must be written on the subject and share what had been experienced and learned about the topic in the following years. Like the previous book titled “THE SILENCE OF GOD: SOCK IT TO ME!” would be me. Personal experiences, research, expression of words and thoughts, and mention of many friends would be used. Something easily read. It would also be others. Outstanding books have outstanding stories. Some of those would be lengthier like the three friends located in Texas history as well as Jesse Owens, the outstanding Olympic runner and his friendship with a German track star before and during WWII. Why am I equipped to write such book? Because knowing little, I had everything to learn about friendship. A divine direction pressed me onward. Though I had liked people through the years, few deep friendships had been cultivated. The book would contain outstanding quotes from well-known people. It had to be comprehensive, unlike any other. One that would last for generations and be meaningful for years to come. The many varied definitions of friendship, being a friend, and extremely practical as well as biblical. It also would be different and disturbing in the presentation of truth, and application to life. A need to understand friendship by stating and understanding the different levels was necessary: acquaintance, casual, close, and intimate. Was it really needed? What are the guidelines in being a good friend? How do you deal with fractional friendships? Who is the greatest Friend of all? What about friendships in Heaven? Is there a carryover from our life on earth? The book, AND HE WAS MY FRIEND, can be extremely helpful to anyone whether they be Christian, Muslim, Jewish, atheist, or any belief and practice. As clear as the Ten Commandments are.

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Pages: 156
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #andhewasmyfriend

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