Treasure: A Soul Journey With The Invisible New Edition lll

Author: Karen Williams


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About the Book

TREASURE is the true story of how the iconic fable The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho psychically predicted the future, and what would happen to Karen Williams in real life. This was at a time when Karen had never heard of Coelho’s famous book. It is a story about the passion for a dream, and how this passion revealed to Karen the language of signs and coincidences which the spiritual realm uses to speak to each of us. Living in Andalusia in southern Spain in the 1990s, Karen dreams of finding and living from her soul. One night, after visiting her favourite ruin, she has a dream in which she is reborn and with this her soul quest begins. Just as in Coelho’s The Alchemist it takes her to Tarifa and Tangiers, and then through a metaphorical desert, finally ending at a place of pyramids as she searches for her treasure. But, this is only just the beginning of a truly supernatural odyssey which goes on for another 18 years. In that time Karen dedicates her whole being to the slow, and sometimes incredibly painful unravelling of the real meaning of the allegory known to millions as The Alchemist. What she discovers is far deeper and more transcendental than she ever imagined and touches the lives of all of us who now stand at the beginning of a new millennium hoping for a new world and a new dawn.

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Pages: 436
Genre: Biography
Tags: #biography, #treasure:asouljourneywiththeinvisibleneweditionlll

About the Author

KAREN WI LLIAMS was born in London in 1958 to a Russian mother and English father. Karen believes that we are all born into our destinies, and hers knocked on her door at a very early age. Whilst Karen’s classmates played games, she worried about the state of the world. As she grew up, this young misfit tried her best to fit into societal expectations, but after completing a degree in psychology, as soon as those studies were over, her REAL LIFE began. The confusions, questions and pain that hadn’t found answers in conventional life became the driving forces of her life. Those questions led Karen to Andalusia, southern Spain in 1984, and ten years later cosmic forces of fate met their young pilgrim when she embarked on an extraordinary metaphysical journey. That destiny was to be the living out of Paulo Coelho’s fable THE ALCHEMIST – a story which had psychically predicted the trajectory of her own life. From 1995 till 2014 Karen threw herself into an incredible spiritual quest, in which she dared to step out of all conventional parameters and follow her inner light. Her spirit was in search of itself – her inner TREASURE –and that search almost cost Karen her life. The toll on her health was huge, but despite the suffering she endured, it allowed her to demonstrate that we all carry the light of truth within us. It is the Light of Divine Love. Society may wish to rob us of that truth, and no more so than with the lies and propaganda which emanate from people like the current President of the U.S. with his catchphrase ‘Fake News’. Nevertheless, if we are prepared to stake our lives on what we know deep inside our hearts and souls, we will be the winners in the end. Karen continues to follow a mystical path to this day, which means listening to the inner promptings of her intuition, regardless of whether or not her life makes any sense to the outside world. You can find Karen on her Facebook page: TRE ASURE – A Soul Journey with the Invisible.

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