Solving New Testament Mysteries With Old Testament Clues

Author: Phillip Bruce Giessler


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About the Book

Ask a computer programmer or video gamer about easter eggs and the answer may surprise you. As in a traditional easter egg hunt, gamers yearn to stumble upon these delightful surprises hidden in plain sight. Examples of these electronic easter eggs may be tributes, game credits, secret rooms, or inside jokes. Movie buffs also use the term to describe meaningful pop culture references, characters, cameos, or props—especially as they occur across many episodes of a franchise. In a similar fashion, the Holy Spirit has scattered easter eggs throughout the Bible for all to enjoy. Once mined, these deep treasures will unlock new meanings for those in the know. This is so like our Lord Jesus. After all, He brought new meaning to old rituals, dated festivals, and worn traditions. The Master Teacher radically reinterpreted ancient prophecies to the extent that these prophecies were now defined by His very Person. Now that’s what I call transformative teaching! It is the rare rabbi who makes the effort to carefully explain the densely threaded ties which connect the New Testament and the Old. Once these links are seen they are difficult to unsee and the aha! moments abound. At one time, you may have read the Bible and been oblivious to the existence of these Scriptural easter eggs. The Holy Spirit has revealed these treasures to Dr. Giessler—and he is now ready to share them with you. You will learn why the grain which Jesus fed the multitudes had to be “barley” bread. You will learn why Jesus commands Peter to pay the temple tax with a coin from the mouth of a fish. You will learn why the Lamb of God had to be sacrificed at 9:00 a.m. and why this sacrifice concluded with His last breath at 3:00 p.m. (When finished reading, I would not be surprised if you will have discovered a few new clues and solved a few further mysteries of your own!) With this book, you are being given a gift. The only question which remains is, “Will you keep it to yourself or share it with another?” Will you become the next teacher of the word who has been instructed about the Kingdom of heaven and parade these treasures for all to see? The Holy Spirit of Jesus will be with you, and you will be able to do it!

Features & Details

Pages: 342
Genre: Religion
Tags: #religion, #solvingnewtestamentmysterieswitholdtestamentclues

About the Author

Rev. Jacob “Jake” Gillard • Former missionary—Uganda and South Sudan, East Africa • Former Director of Communication and Mobilization—World Mission Prayer League • Present Executive Director—Central American Lutheran Mission Society (This book’s Foreword will further intrigue and overwhelmingly enticed you, the investigator.)

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