Mystic Tales: Soul Warrior Children Of The Gods And Forsaken Sins

Author: Michael A. Lawrence


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About the Book

Glacier and Thuunderbolt are on a dangerous quest to rid Shadowia of Blackheart, an evil sorcerer whose plan is to steal the souls of every living being in order to become a god. The two warriors’ journey into the unforgiving wilds of Shadowia are riddled with dark forces, forbidden alliances, and a shocking secret that will stun the hardened duo in shock and disbelief. What has been in darkness shall come to the light . . .

Features & Details

Pages: 282
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #mystictales:soulwarriorchildrenofthegodsandforsakensins

About the Author

As a kid growing up, I have always loved to watch fantasy cartoons and movies. I often let my thoughts drift with daydreams of me being this super powered hero who would rid my imaginary world of evil forces that plagued my mental universe. _ is alone inspired me to create my own magical stories. I know other readers would be awed by the different worlds of new gods and beings of unimaginable power. I hope people will enjoy what I put my heart and soul into because it is my dream to captivate the minds of new and old fantasy readers.

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