An Eternal Tapestry

Author: N.Z. Khan


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About the Book

Hamid Khan who had fought for Indian independence chooses to remain in India when it is partitioned. Even though the Partition has carved a deep schism in the psyche of the people, he hopes that time would heal their wounds. Gradually, his family forms bonds of trust and friendship in their community. However, he can’t help worrying about his children’s future. The signs of harmony and peaceful coexistence that had begun to show are threatened by the rise in extremism. His talented son’s attempts to succeed in Cricket are thwarted and his little daughter is bullied in school. At these sensitive times when his son brings home a Hindu girl, the underlying lava of hate and suspicion erupts. An armed mob comes to attack their home—a mob made up of their long-time neighbors and friends. Will this crisis destroy Hamid Khan’s belief in the lofty pre-independence ideals? Can friendship overcome communal barriers, and love bridge the gulf between cultures and religions? Can the new generation of Indians break the shackles of prejudice and move on? ‘An Eternal Tapestry’ delves deep into the Indian ethos, which Hamid Khan believes to be a tightly knit, intriguing tapestry.

Features & Details

Pages: 332
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #aneternaltapestry

About the Author

N.Z Khan, a Canadian of Indian roots is a teacher, public speaker, blog writer and editor who has spent a considerable number of years in India and the Middle East. In her spare time, she loves to read, write, and give motivational speeches. Khan is currently working on her next book, which is set in the Middle East. She has traveled extensively and lives with her husband in Canada.

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