Always At War With Life

Author: Tiah J. D. Slanger


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About the Book

Always at War With Life is a life story of a young boy that grew up between villages in Liberia, but found himself in the United States in early 1980s. The book, conversely, depicts the life of an ordinary village boy that grew up in Liberia from its inception to present. It briefly traces the Kwa people from the Niger basin, and teaches a fraction of the We (Krahn-Guéré) cultural games that are on the verge of extinction. The book points to the root causes of the divide between the natives and the freed slaves (settlers). It also reveals how Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf used her ancestral lineage with Charles Taylor and Blaise Compaoré to persuade Muammar Gaddafi of Libya and Félix Houphouet- Boigny of the Ivory Coast to destroy Liberia during President Doe’s administration. The author explains his role as peace builder who helped to return genuine and sustainable peace to his country of birth. He explains why and how he spent weeks in prison in Liberia. The book concludes with author’s long battle with the hepatitis-B, and how he was saved by the bell with liver transplant at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

Features & Details

Pages: 532
Genre: Memoir
Tags: #memoir, #alwaysatwarwithlife

About the Author

TIAH J. D. SLANGER [Slangan] was born in Tuzon, Liberia. J. D., as he is commonly known, had a very difficult time growing up in his hometown. He was raised in between villages by his maternity grandfather and aunts. J. D.holds a Bachelor’s in Personnel Industrial Relations and a Master’s in Economic Development from Norfolk State University and Eastern University, respectively. In 2003, he participated and served as chief negotiator for MODEL at the Liberian peace conference held in Ghana – a worthy task that ended years of Liberia’s brutal civil wars. J. D. also served as co-author to the Liberian comprehensive peace accord (CPA) – the documents that guided Liberia to democratic elections in 2005. Afterward, he served as commissioner for the Bureau of Maritime Affairs in Liberia (2003 – 2005).

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