Advance Chess- Quiet Reflections Of The Double Set Game: The Symbiosis Of Full Spectrum Inferences

Author: Siafa B Neal


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About the Book

This book is about the Double Set Game, Game ( played on•M9del III, the Longitudinal Star Gate 14 Model, an advance space-aged chess game board. A Double Set game comprises of two unique chess sets. The winner of this game must CHECKMATE his/her opponents’ kings twice to avail of victory. ­ is book, Book 2 Vol. 5, raises many compelling question about the dexterity of human intelligence capability as opposed to robotic (artificial) intelligence. Computer software engineers are designing software that surpasses the game play intelligence of Game Board Masters in classic games such as the Chinese chess game called “Go” as well as conventional chess, namely IBM’s chess software called “Deep Blue” which defeated the chess Grand Master, Gary Kasporov. The introduction of my Advance 3-d model chess game in this book, will eventually force many software engineers to rethink the coding design of conventional chess games. By redoing the task of computer coding of conventional chess games may perhaps allow us to have a better understanding and appreciation of ourselves, who we are as a species and our role in the universe.

About the Author

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