Zack And The Shadow

Author: Richard Frederick


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About the Book

The main character, Zack, is a young kid whose life begins to go through major changes. His parents move him to a new home, he begins to attend a new school, and he gets a new baby brother. A being called “The Shadow” appears to him and tells him that he will be his friend. The Shadow then proceeds to flood Zack with negative thoughts about his life, making him miserable in his daily life. Zack soon meets another now kid, Nicholas, who offers to be his friend and unknowingly helps Zack be rid of the Shadow. For anyone who has every felt alone, sad, or out of place. This is for you, someone cares for you and things will get better. Just believe in yourself and trust the journey.

Features & Details

Pages: 26
Genre: Juvenile
Tags: #juvenile, #zackandtheshadow

About the Author

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