An Echo From Gaea

Author: Aicha Fousshi Fischel


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About the Book

They were bred as hybrids in an advanced futuristic parallel world countless light years away from Gaea, somewhere within the maze of the universe. Radan, Motaro, Falbala, along with their families, were sent to earth by their breeders for an experimental purpose during medieval times in Europe. The hybrids with mythological looks, gifted supernatural abilities, and wide genetic memories were wrongly taken for demons and evil creatures as they made contact with humans. They sought friendship and found home with a shaman’s three children and bonded together with them. Following a couple of mysteriously tragic events, and after he saved the village from a ravaging fast acting disease, Radan was determined to override his breeder’s plan and make Gaea his forever home, choosing to stay by Ara’s side (the shaman’s older daughter).

Features & Details

Pages: 86
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #anechofromgaea

About the Author

Aicha Fousshi Fischel was born and raised in the historical city of Fez, Morocco. She obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management in 2010 and then obtained her Master’s Degree in Environmental Geosciences in 2013. She then moved and settled in Brooklyn, New York City, in early 2014 and became a permanent US resident. She has been living in New York City since then. She is fluent in four languages, including her native dialect. She studied the law of attraction, telekinesis, and binaural beats for a while and had always been passionate of cosmology, universal laws, and universal energy, as well as ancient writings and mythology. She is also a future enlistee in the US Coast Guard reserve in the environmental field. Her first novel in English, An Echo from Gaea was an inspiration of those elements fueled by her imagination and the wonders of the fantasy world.

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