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About the Book

Nova takes place in Japan, going back and forth from modern day Tokyo, Japan to the ancient Meiji Era of Japan. Nova centers around a boy named Katsua Hisoka and a half-dragon, half human girl named Nova as they travel throughout the Meiji Era of Japan in search of the scattered fragment of three magical jewels known as the Jewels of the Three Worlds. Along they’re journey they join up with allies and come across many obstacles. Nova and Katsuo’s partnership will be tested by every obstacle and challenge they face. Katsuo, Nova and their allies must learn to work together as they go on their journey to recover the shattered fragments of the Jewels of the Three Worlds and go up against their biggest obstacle, Natsumi.

Features & Details

Pages: 444
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #nova

About the Author

Adrian grew up in Greendale, Wisconsin for most of her life. She graduated from Greendale High School in 2013. Growing up was tough for her, both at school and at home. She was always a quiet and shy girl, who tended to distance herself from others and keep her thoughts to herself. She didn’t have a lot of friends growing up, but the friends that she ended up making helped her through even the hardest times. Writing also became her outlet to let her thoughts be free. She started writing in her Sophomore year of High School, after the inspiration her friends had given her. Nova is her first book, which is influenced highly on her interest in dragons. She is a fan of Japanese anime and manga, which has influenced in Japan being the main setting of Nova.

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