From Consultant to Senior National Sales Director

From Consultant to Senior National Sales Director

Author: Ila Burgardt
Pages: 210
Genre: Biography
Paperback (9781943265961) $18.30
PDF (9781943265978) $3.99
EPUB (9781943265985) $3.99
Kindle (9781943265992) $3.99


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This book is a step by step that Ila Burgardt took to go from being a consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics to Senior National Sales Director.

Ila grew up in 1932 during the Oklahoma dust storms in the little town of Beaver, Oklahoma. The true stores begin with the birth of Ila’s grandmother in 1889, which includes a journey full of adventure, heartache and promise. Her story is supported with many uplifting and spirited quotes which are part of her successful creed of life. This dynamic woman began an innovative career and offers a guide to success in the field of sales.

It will help you master practical ways to:
• Become more confident
• Grow spiritually
• Develop self esteem
• Break through the barriers holding you back

Begin your path to success today!
Ila Burgardt has earned over $3 millon and had developed 79 Directors (Managers) and over 3,000 beauty consultants with Mary Kay Cosmetics.

She is available to do:
- workshops
- seminars
- one-on-one life coaching.

These are customized personally for each individual. She has
traveled extensively to assist women to succeed by building selfesteem
and confi dence. Ila does training on money management, organization, booking
appointments, overcoming objections, goal-setting and recruiting.
She worked and traveled with Mary Kay and learned directly from her. She is available to
work with you by assisting with calling your prospective customers and recruits, as well as
cold calling. Her workshops and seminars are very reasonable

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