BACKPACKER’S Practical And Spiritual Guide To The Universe

Author: Gaylyn Morgan


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About the Book

This book is a treasure trove of practical hints cushioned in a type of spiritualism that encourages a person to take charge of his or her own future. Advice is offered to make positive changes to your life through example and action. From shopping and packing lists to saving money for your big journey, Gaylyn applies her well-trialed methods to ensure you get to put your plans into action and live your dreams. Whether it’s your gap year or not you will enjoy the snapshots of travel that are offered to entice you to take the first steps towards your next journey.

Features & Details

Pages: 208
Genre: Travel
Tags: #travel, #backpacker’spracticalandspiritualguidetotheuniverse

About the Author

Gaylyn is a teacher and traveler. Her travels around the world have inspired her to seek unique experiences and attract beautiful people into her life. Her spiritualism comes from no set religion but is based on her own trust in the Universe and experiences. Her beliefs guide her to grow and direct her in her life choices – living life with purpose. She met her husband and travel buddy, Thomas, when she crewed on his yacht to Malta. They are sailing around the world and intermittingly flying off to other destinations; sharing their love of people, hiking, scenery and adventure.

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