10 Deadly Aspects of Pride

Author: Dr. Eric Johnson


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About the Book

While the dangers of pride are significant and many of them identified in this work, pride as do all things serves a purpose. In a society that is predicated on competition, vanity, and materialism pride finds a natural space to occupy. In fact, the rejection of pride can have a profound impact on one’s material life, spiritual development, psychological framework, and emotional state. The primary purpose of this work is to invite the reader to explore the role of pride in the world they perceive. It is the belief of the author that these kinds of explorations can encourage positive development for an individual, family, organization or society. While no result can be guaranteed by the effort, the value offered by the process is an opportunity to identify areas in need of work. Identifying areas in need of work is an essential component to get better at anything where being better is the goal.

Features & Details

Pages: 84
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #10deadlyaspectsofpride

About the Author

Dr. Eric L. Johnson currently serves as the Chief Consultant with Strategies to Succeed and on the faculty of Virginia International University. He is the former Chief of Research Publications for the United States Air Force Academy. He has also served as the Director of the Urban Education Program in the School of Education at Drake University. He is a former teacher, who earned his Ph.D. in Policy and Leadership at The Ohio State University. He has facilitated workshops on a variety of topics that include: using difference as an organizational asset, leadership development, and team building. In addition, he has conducted seminars in many organizations nationally and internationally in places such as Russia, China, Canada, Africa and Central America.

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