With Your Hand on my Shoulder

Author: Cindamae Colvin


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About the Book

A young girl falls in love with a young man she has met through a group of friends. In those days he was known as a bad boy. His world was a lot different from the world she had known and grew up in. She had stepped into a world that would bring tragedy. Even though she knew she was living in a world she didn’t belong she was deeply in love with him. They got married and life was in some ways great, yet then in others it was ugly. He had a good heart and that’s what she seen in him. But a lot of his actions were far from good. They eventually become estranged. Although he could not change his ways he was deeply in love with her. She could no longer live in his world. She sets out to correct her life for her and her three children. She never tried to keep him from their children; she would always want them to know their father. The day finally comes when she sees a new future for her and her children. She is now living in her own place. Her job is going well and the children are adapting to the separation. One morning she wakes up to a day that would change her forever. She takes her children to her mothers and off to work she went. She gets to work and gets a call of panic. Her husband is missing and the old school house her husband lived in with Puddy (his cousin) and Ron (a friend of Puddy’s) was on fi re. Her husband was nowhere to be found. She races to the scene. There are people everywhere. As she walks up to the scene she is met by a detective she knows oh to well. She would come to realized she would be on her own in finding her husband. She stands alone among a group of people she cannot trust. She has only one place to turn. She turns to her faith. Through her faith in God she finds her out come through the eyes of another.

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Pages: 88
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #withyourhandonmyshoulder

About the Author

The writer is from the state of Illinois. This story is written off a tragedy in her life. At the time of her tragedy she was just starting a career in Nursing. She is the mother of three children. She was raised a Christian. She would let go of her faith only to find it would be that belief and faith that would bring her justice. The Author is a first time writer. She entertains the notion of writing more stories. She finds real life events intrigue most readers. She wants to try and ensure her writings are such that intrigues and draws in the attention of the reader for their reading enjoyment. Although her first book is nonfiction her other writings will be more based on true stories yet fiction.

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