Prelude To A Quest

Author: Sherlynn Muckelroy


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About the Book

My name is Lander Kahn. My teammate, Dray Demong, and I are the best Colony Design team employed by the Creation of Planetary Colonies. It’s not just a boast… it’s true. Nothing and no one has ever deterred us from keeping our minds focused on our job to find sites and design plans for the very first buildings on a planet’s surface. That is, until Dray makes a huge discovery on planet Zarcon, which unexpectedly brings two women into our lives. The female gender. Their drama and emotional antics have no room in my world. Regardless of my beliefs, I was faced with two of them, each ready to make my life a living hell in so many ways. No matter what I do, or how I try to avoid the emotional wreck headed my direction, I can’t avoid the collision. Could it just be bad luck on my part, or something else? In this case, it is definitely something else. Little did I know, most every situation occurring on Zarcon was meticulously planned down to the smallest detail. By whom, and for what purpose? Only time will reveal these answers and the reason behind, A Quest of the Ages.

Features & Details

Pages: 200
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #preludetoaquest

About the Author

SHERLYNN A. MUCKELROY, a born and raised Texan who has recently relocated to New Mexico, considers herself lucky to have a vivid imagination. She tried her hand at storytelling years ago, writing a children’s book for her two young boys who have since grown up to be fine men. When the eldest son transplanted his family from Texas to Michigan, Sherlynn decided to take up the pen once again in order to remain in contact with and stir her grandsons’ creativity. After writing a few paragraphs with a science fiction plot, she stopped the sentence midstream and allowed the children to complete the storyline. Their participation in this endeavor faded, but that did not deter Sherlynn from continuing the story she had begun. After adding the element of romance, she completed the book followed by a sequel that eventually resulted in the birth of an entire series entitled, A QUEST OF THE AGES. After years of editing, Sherlynn is very excited about publishing PRELUDE TO A QUEST, the prequel to the series, and hopes the readers find as much enjoyment reading her material as she had living it in her head!

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