Predators in the Backyard / Lifecycle and Mythology

Author: Christina Steiner


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About the Book

Discover six predators lurking in your very own backyard. Their size may not be impressive to humans but their skills and weapons are mighty and efficient. Because they are deadly to their selected prey they are essential to the natural balance of the insect world. These predators were honored by ancient and new civilizations and became the source of legends, fables and lore. The bounty of nature is a treasure chest depicted here in the incredible world of insects and spiders. Go out there, study these hunters, respect and admire their abilities and always, always treat your environment like the most precious gift.

Features & Details

Pages: 46
Genre: Non-Fiction
Tags: #nonfiction, #predatorsinthebackyardlifecycleandmythology

About the Author

Christina Steiner cherishes the natural world. She’s intrigued with simple things, like a flower or an insect, a sunset or a hike through untainted wilderness. Migrated from Switzerland many years ago, she lives now in Ventura, California with her partner and four dogs. She raised two daughters and loves to introduce her twin grandchildren to the bounty of nature. With her writing, she hopes to bring the joy of reading and enthusiasm for the environment to children of all ages.

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