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By purchasing any one of our publishing packages, you get to avail a FREE Media Release Campaign.

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How It Works

  1. Purchase any of the 6 inclusive Publishing packages and enjoy a Media Release Campaign for FREE. The Promo includes a FREE professionally written Press Release that will be distributed to thousands of media outlets nationwide.
  2. Each publishing package has a designated FREE – Media Release Campaign. The higher the package, the higher the number of Media Outlets for distribution.
  3. Standard publishing agreement will apply.
  4. The Promo is applicable to both Black & White and Premium Color.
(MRC) Media Release Campaign OFFERS:
Purchase a Publishing Package (BW/PC) FREE - MRC
Ensign 1,000 Media Outlets
Corsair 1,500 Media Outlets
Navigator 2,000 Media Outlets
Commodore 2,500 Media Outlets
Voyager 3,000 Media Outlets
Admiral 3,500 Media Outlets
Authors can SAVE UP to:
MRC Standard Price Spring Break Hype Promo
MRC 1,000 - $600 FREE
MRC 1,500 - $750 FREE
MRC 2,000 - $900 FREE
MRC 2,500 - $1,050 FREE
MRC 3,000 - $1,200 FREE
MRC 3,500 - $1,350 FREE