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Finishing your version of a Shakespearean masterpiece is difficult. Poems are a challenging literary piece to compose however they are also one of the most loved writing pieces in literature. It’s a great achievement for an author to finish his original poem and it’s an even bigger achievement to have it published successfully. However, publishing the poem can also be another challenge for you especially if you go for traditional publishing houses. If your work passes the editor’s standards, it would still take at least 18 months to get your work published and there’s a big chance you’ll have to give up your rights to your own work.


Fortunately, it is now possible to turn your draft into high quality volumes of inspired verses- in the most convenient, cost effective way through self-publishing. When you publish your poems with us, we assure you we publish them the way you want them to! Not only that, you will also retain 100% right to your work and see your work in print in 2 months’ time.


Our goal is to tell your story and get it read by people all around the world. So what are you waiting for? Sign Up Now! Fill out the form provided and share your own Shakespearean Masterpiece.



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