DEAR Friend

It’s time to Drop Everything And Refer!

Refer a Friend and earn $150 for every verified referral or avail it as discount on our Publishing Packages.

We respect your privacy
  1. Referrer must sign up for/have an account with BookVenture to identify whether he is our existing author, an independent author or a first time writer
  2. Our Verification Team will reach you through your contact details to verify your account. You must have at least 1 Verified Referral.
  3. Referrer & Referee must be reachable using the Home Phone number.
  4. Referee home phone numbers must not repeat along with other Referrers list of contacts, and must not be present in our own list of client contacts, for a contact to be considered as a verified/counted referral.
  5. If a Referee becomes a Referrer , he must create a BookVenture Account
  6. Referee must be aware of the referral and must acknowledge the Referrer.
  7. Verified Referral – Our Verification Team must be able to contact the Referee.
  8. A Referrer needs to choose 1 Referral Reward Option for the Reward but he can simultaneously enroll in ALL Referral Reward Programs.
  9. For Reward Option 1 & 2 – Rewards shall be awarded to the Referrer if and only if the Referee purchases any of the Featured Marketing Services or one of the Premium Publishing Packages (Sailor to Admiral).
  10. For Reward Option 3 – Referrals will be counted on a monthly basis, which means your referrals for the current month will not be carried over to the next month.

Enroll in Any or All of these Referral Programs and select which reward you want.


OPTION 1: Pay-it-Forward – Instant Reward

For every Verified Referral, a referrer gets the following cash rewards:


Referral Status





Author planning to publish w/ unfinished manuscript



Author w/ Finished Manuscript, must be able to present manuscript in word/pdf file



Author willing and financially able to republish, book/s must be found in amazon/online retailers/publisher’s bookstore



For this reward option, the referee automatically gets a 20% discount on all our publishing/marketing service.


OPTION 2: Stack-it-Up – Points System

Author/Referrer can choose to accumulate verified referrals into Points and use it to purchase any Publishing/Marketing/Publicity Service available.

Note: Points are transferable. Referrer should submit the complete contact information of the person who will receive his/her points.


1 verified Referral = 150 Points


Example: Referrer brings 7 Referrals. If 5 Referral passes the Verification process, it will become 5 Verified Referrals.

5 Verified Referrals = 750 Points. Referrer can now purchase any publishing package or marketing service worth $750.


OPTION 3: Touchdown – Incentive System


  • To get the reward for option 3, any purchase is NOT REQUIRED from the Referral.
  • Once you redeem your reward, referral count goes back to zero.

Disclaimer: Cash Prizes are Non-inclusive of EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) Fees.

Author/Referrer who gets to submit:

No. of Referrals


15-29 minimum– Verified Referrals/Per Month

Sailor (BW/PC-Publishing Package) or
Coral (Web Design Service) or
Coverage (Book-to-Screen) or
$100 Cash

30-39 minimum– Verified Referrals/Per Month

Ensign (BW/PC-Publishing Package) or
Pearl (Web Design Service) or
Teaser (Book Trailer) or
Regional (Book Exhibit) or
$150 Cash

40-49 minimum– Verified Referrals/Per Month

Corsair (BW/PC-Publishing Package) or
Gold (Web Design Service) or
Feature (Book Trailer) or
National (Book Exhibit) or
$200 Cash

50+ minimum– Verified Referrals/Per Month

Navigator (BW/PC-Publishing Package) or Full Length (Book Trailer) or
International (Book Exhibit) or
Ric Bratton ( Author - Radio Interview) or
$250 Cash