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‘Costs of Liberty’ shortlisted for 2017 Eric Hoffer Book Award!

Michael Skeen’s masterfully written political thriller is awarded Honorable Mention under the Commercial Fiction Category
Diamondhead, MS - The author Michael Skeen was a police officer for 32 years. And throughout his time in the force he was obligated to write down reports on a daily basis. This task required him to write detailed accounts of crimes and misdemeanors. This task enabled him to develop a highly descriptive writing style that helped him on his way to becoming a writer and later creating the Eric Hoffer Book Award nominated book Costs of Liberty.

This masterfully written book is set in a chaotic time for the United States of America. The once greatest country in the world is now an embattled island set against a maelstrom of political and cultural change. The harsh realities of war are made painfully clear to the American nation when an electromagnetic pulse attack is launched by Iran. The attack cripples the electrical infrastructure nationwide. And when a retaliatory nuclear attack fails, America is soon set on the defensive. Soon rival powers such as Russia and China commits acts of aggression against the United States.

The American President T.J Samuels witnesses all this with disbelief. The greatest country in the world is laid low by unexpected events beyond his control. Now he is on the run as the other world powers launch an offensive into the continental United States. With the nation in utter chaos and his army in tatters, will President Samuels be able to rise up to the challenge? Or will he reign as America’s last President?

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BookVenture Enlightens Authors With a Wonderful New Promo!

Summary: BookVenture helps authors create a great publicity plan with incredible Enlightening Moments promo!
Ishpeming, MI - BookVenture has always gone the extra mile to help authors get their books out and make an impact on the literary world.  This is why BookVenture is giving you the opportunity to spread the word about your book by offering discounts on publicity services with The Enlightening Moments Promo.
With this incredible new promo you can take advantage of a bevy of services that will help you enhance your image and boost your popularity to your target market. You can also take advantage of a price drop for each publicity service and save as much as $1149. You can also avail a 25% discount on more than one publicity service. Not only that, you can also choose from a list of selected publicity services and avail as many of them at a discounted rate.  You even have the option to combine all publicity services and create a comprehensive and extensive publicity campaign plan.

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BookVenture Celebrates National Daylight Appreciation Day With an Incredible New Promo!

Summary:  BookVenture gives authors a bright new opportunity to publish their books at the best prices possible!
Ishpeming, MI - BookVenture is celebrating the biggest star of summer – the sun! In honor of National Daylight Appreciation Day, we’re giving away special publishing deals that are sure to brighten up your summer.

With the Brighter Days promo you are now given the chance to get your book published at a discounted rate and enjoy the amazing feedback from the public. It’s the perfect time to share your summer read while everyone’s enjoying long days of leisure.  With this exhilarating new promo you can now take advantage of a price drop for each publishing package and save as much as $2924. You can also avail 25% discount on more than one publishing package. Choose premium publishing packages from Ensign to Admiral (BW) and from Ensign to Voyager (FC).

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A Boy Seeks Answers: Will He Find Them?

Author weaves an interesting fiction of how one boy goes on an exciting adventure to find answers to some lifelong questions in this coming-of-age story
Corona, CA – When one seeks answers to life’s biggest questions, where does he or she go to find them? A young boy never thought that a Scout Master would provide him the opportunity to experience new adventures to help him find the truths he sought. Readers can follow his wonderful new experiences from Central Florida to the Gulf of Mexico in this coming-of-age story, “Skipper”, by author Craig B. Bass.

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