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BookVenture introduces groundbreaking marketing service

Broaden your horizons with the new Library Pitch service
Ishpeming (MI) – The book marketing landscape has always been competitive. There are new books that come out every day, and it gets difficult to market books in the conventional way. Which is why BookVenture has created the Library Pitch Service. With this new service authors can now broaden their horizons and extend their books to libraries.
The service offers authors the chance to pitch their books to an average of 3000 Collection Development Departments and Acquisition Librarians nationwide for six months. Not only that, the service also offers a full page print ad in Kirkus Magazine and a book feature in Ingram Spotlight ad for Adult Librarians News & Reviews. Authors will also be given a 2 page book showcase in eMagazine Advertising and an average of 50 contacted librarians will agree to test the author’s book. The book will also be included in a book display and catalog listing at the ALA Annual or Midwinter Conference. The service also offers a Bookstore Returnability Program for 12 months.
With the Library Pitch service authors can now get their books into the library system, with a tactical combination of print and digital ads that will make the book marketing much more efficient and effective.
Authors can learn more about this promo and avail it by visiting BookVenture’s website -

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BookVenture releases Well Read marketing promo

Spread word of your book with this innovative marketing promo
Ishpeming (MI) – With National Library Week fast approaching, BookVenture has seen fit to create a marketing promo that will help authors spread word of their books efficiently and effectively. With the new Well Read Marketing Promo authors can now market their books at the best prices possible.

With the Well Read Marketing Promo authors can take advantage of a price drop for each marketing service and save as much as $3350. Authors can also avail of a 25% on more than one marketing service and choose from a list of selected marketing services and avail as many of them at a discounted rate.  Authors better hurry though because the promo will last from only April 1 to April 15, 2018.
By combining all marketing services and creating a comprehensive marketing campaign authors will be able to reach their full book marketing potential. With this innovative marketing promo authors can celebrate their love for the written word right.

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BookVenture releases the Well Versed Publishing Promo

Celebrate National Library Week with a book of your very own
Ishpeming (MI) – National Library Week is an especially important time for book lovers. It is a time where book lovers get to express their love for libraries and books in general. Which is why BookVenture has created the Well Versed Publishing Promo. With this new promo authors can now celebrate National Library Week right with a book of their very own.

The Well Versed Publishing Promo offers authors the chance to get their books published at the best prices possible. With the promo authors can now take advantage of a price drop for each publishing package and save as much as $2924. Authors can also avail of a 25% discount on more than one publishing package. With a choice of premium publishing packages from Ensign to Admiral (BW) and from Ensign to Voyager (FC). Authors better hurry though because the promo will only last until April 15, 2018. 

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​BookVenture releases new In-Stream Advertising service

Authors will now be able to spread word of their brands with this new service
Ishpeming (MI) –With the changing times book advertising has changed a great deal. What with the constant evolution of modern technology book advertising has become quite a challenge. Which is why BookVenture has created the new In-Stream Advertising service. With this service authors can now allow authors to reach out and appeal to core audiences in a whole new and precise way.
With the new In-Stream Advertising service authors are now given the chance to influence the right people at the right time via TV commercial, Internet Pre-roll video and Banner Retargeting ads. With this service authors will now be able to plug their books to various blog sites through a blog tour. They will also be able to get an average of 400,000 impressions within a 1 month campaign. The service will also allow authors to spread word of their books by word of mouth through several author appearances in a variety of events.

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