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Achieve your publishing dreams with the Word Bliss Promo

BookVenture once again pulls out all the stops to create a truly multifaceted promo
Ishpeming (MI) – Dictionaries have helped cultivate the vocabulary of a multitude of authors through the years. And with National Dictionary Day coming in fast, BookVenture has created a promo to honor Noah Webster, The creator of the Webster’s Dictionary. With the New Word Bliss promo, authors can now publish their books and share them with the world.

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Reach your full book marketing potential with Word Power

BookVenture celebrates National Dictionary Day with a new book promo
Ishpeming (MI) – In this day and age, where knowledge seems so easy to attain, people tend to overlook the many innovations of the past. One great example of this are dictionaries. Nowadays people tend to disregard the dictionary. Little do they know how influential and important dictionaries truly are.  Which is why BookVenture has set out to create a great marketing promo in honor of Noah Webster, the creator of the first American dictionary And National Dictionary Day.  With the Word Power promo authors can now share their works with the world at the best prices possible.

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Give your book a multi-lingual touch with the Book Translation service

BookVenture gives authors an edge in marketing their book internationally 
Ishpeming (MI) – The world is getting smaller by the day, and globalization has progressed to the extent that what would have been considered impossible decades ago has become commonplace. The world is now a melting pot of cultures and nationalities freely sharing ideas despite language barriers. And as a writer, it is your duty to make your book as accessible to as many people as possible.
With the new Book Translation service, authors can now have their books translated in multiple languages to better reach readers of various nationalities. The Book Translation service is an extremely useful service because it allows the author to reach out to readers who don’t know how to speak the English language.  The service will include the aid of 3 native linguists. They will make sure that the manuscript is translated in languages specifically chosen by the author.

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​BookVenture releases Moving Imagery promo

Show off your artistic side with this new publishing promo!
Ishpeming (MI) – To be a writer is to be an artist. But instead of using a camera or paint, authors use words to convey the right imagery to their readers. As a way to celebrate World Photography day and as a homage to artist all over the world, BookVenture has created a new publishing promo. With the new Moving Imagery promo authors can show the world their artistry by publishing their very own book.

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