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BookVenture celebrates National Dictionary Day with a new book promo
Ishpeming (MI) – In this day and age, where knowledge seems so easy to attain, people tend to overlook the many innovations of the past. One great example of this are dictionaries. Nowadays people tend to disregard the dictionary. Little do they know how influential and important dictionaries truly are.  Which is why BookVenture has set out to create a great marketing promo in honor of Noah Webster, the creator of the first American dictionary And National Dictionary Day.  With the Word Power promo authors can now share their works with the world at the best prices possible.

The Word Power Promo is a chance for would be authors to market their works and reach their full potential as writers.  By taking advantage of the Word Power Promo, authors can now get a 15% discount on marketing services. Not only that, authors will also have the chance to take advantage of BookVenture’s Radio Interview service and other great book marketing services. Those interested better hurry though because the promo will only last from October 1 to October 15, 2018.

With this handy and intrepid new service authors can now market their books right without having to go off budget.

Authors can learn more about this promo and avail it by visiting BookVenture’s website -

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