Customized Formatting
You can freely send our E-Book associates your specific instructions on your e-book’s layout & formatting. This package can cater up to 50 images, different font styles, chapter titles, page number placement, tables, charts, text boxes, graphs, lists, subheading, blockquotes, and footnotes.

You can send our e-book associates with the designs of your choice for your book cover design.

As online retailers have specific requirements on formats, we make sure that we convert your e-books into 3 outputs: .pdf, epub, and Kindle formats to fit in.

Rest assured that we’ll take care of your ISBN registration.

Get thousands to millions of admirers from around the globe as we distribute your e-book to 10 leading online book retailers in the world including Amazon, which has 246 territories worldwide, Apple (with 51 stores worldwide), Barnes & Noble (includes NOOK UK), Gardners, Google Play, Ingram, Kobo, Overdrive (with 24,000 retailers and libraries), Sony Reader Store, and Waterstones UK.

Guaranteed 80% royalties from the ebook net sales.

BookVenture constantly keeps you updated with sales and payment reports.

The Savvy excludes Drop caps and is highly recommended for any kind of books that need advanced layout and formatting.

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