Self-Publishing and

Book Marketing Services

BookVenture offers a wide selection of services that will undoubtedly answer all your self-publishing needs. The company has always gone the extra mile to give readers the support they need to make their self-publishing dreams come true. The services include quality printing that covers a variety of forms. Your book will also be given the best marketing services possible. It will follow a highly intricate marketing plan that will ensure its full marketing potential. With these services you will be equipped with everything you need to succeed as a self-published author.

Black & White Publishing

BookVenture’s Black & White Publishing Packages will bring your book to life in full quality format and make it available in paperback and hardcover. Debut your story with professional full-color cover design, grayscale graphics and text, and durable, flawless binding. There are six publishing packages available to choose from, each one containing specific combinations of other services to complement the publication. Learn more.

Premium Color Publishing

Produce full colored editions of your story in Paperback format. BookVenture’s Premium Color lets you highlight the images and graphic design of your story through full-color digital printing. You can add a bright, lively flare to your graphic novels, children’s books and any other material that has images in its context. Choose from five premium color packages that are specifically created and customized to cater to your specific publishing needs. Learn more.

E-book Publishing, Conversion & Distribution

Make your book available for digital reading by publishing it in Ebook form. Ebooks are rapidly becoming the go-to reading material of the new generation of booklovers. Provide a version of your story that’s portable and convenient to read. BookVenture’s Ebook Publishing service lets you publish your story with Ebook formatting and layout, as well as design. Ebook Conversion and Ebook Distribution are also available as separate services for authors who want to have their books converted into Ebook files and have copies of it available in online stores.

Audiobook Hybrid

BookVenture’s Audiobook Hybrid provides an original Audiobook version of your story, with voiceover by professional voice actors and Royalty Free music and sound. This service revives the traditional form of storytelling by narrating your words to the audience letting them experience your story in a stimulating fashion. Learn more.

Editorial Services

BookVenture has a wide selection of editorial services that can aid you in refining your manuscript. We offer various styles editing from basic proofreading to in-depth editing. Our team of expert will inspect your manuscript down to very last letters and punctuation. Let us handle the tedious task of cleaning up while you focus on conveying the message of your story in the most effective and creative way. Learn more.

Marketing Services

Make your book a bestseller through an intricate marketing plan. BookVenture’s Marketing services are specifically designed to boost your bookselling strategy to help you create a wider impact on your market. BookVenture’s marketing consultants will guide you every step of the way and help you plan out your entire marketing campaign. Learn more.

Publicity Services

BookVenture offers a wide selection of publicity services that will help you establish your brand. These services tap into the most dynamic media platforms that are guaranteed to bring maximum exposure to your work. With a solid publicity campaign, you are bound to create hype amongs potential book buyers. Learn more.

Add-On Services

Enhance your book’s appeal to readers with eye-catching design and clean format. BookVenture’s Add-On Services allows you to tweak and refine your books interior and exterior layout to maximize its full potential. BookVenture offers a variety of add-on services that lets you enrich and supplement your book, developing it to its best version. Learn more.

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