First impressions are crucial and your book has to deliver a good one to succeed in the market. With millions of other books up for release, you have to make yours stand out with eye-catching visuals. Let your story reach its best version by having it professionally formatted and designed by our team.

BookVenture offers a wide selection of additional services that are specifically created to enhance your book’s exterior and interior layout. Combine our add-ons with your publishing package to give it that extra boost in quality and marketability. Our Add-On services serve to refine and develop your book into its finest form

Add-on Services


BookVenture Publishing’s Illustration service adds in distinctive artworks to your story to further enhance your readers’ story immersion.

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Book Cover Design

First impressions are the most lasting. An impressive book cover can further entice readers to look in to your book. BookVenture’s Book Cover Design service will provide you with a striking cover art that is guaranteed to leave a lasting effect on audiences.

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Back Cover Copywriting

Without a doubt, a good synopsis of your book is one of the greatest factors that will lead to its purchase. Give your readers a written clip of your book using language and styles that can draw prospect buyers’ attention. Our back cover copywriting service provides an in-depth evaluation of your manuscript from where our professional copywriters and copyeditors can base the creation of your book’s high-quality summary.

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Pre-Assigned Control Number (PCN) Program

Obtaining a PCN for your book will help readers trace its records in literary organizations. BookVenture’s PCN Program will link your work to the necessary records.

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Corrections/Revisions Service

With BookVenture’s Corrections/Revisions Service, you can easily make changes to your book in the midst of production. .

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Interior Graphics

Make your book more noticeable by featuring more images, charts, and tables in your book’s interiors.

Signing up for our Interior Graphics service enables you to take advantage of adding more in-stock images to your book.

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Hardback Upgrade Service

Sign up for your Hardback Upgrade service to provide your book cover with gloss matte dust jackets, or cloth. Let your story stand out.

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CD Archive

Secure other media copies of your story. Save your book in text format using our CD Archive service.

What do you get from our CD Archive service?

  • All the revisions and corrections made during production will be saved.
  • A PDF version of your book cover will also be provided.

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US Copyright Registration

Ensure the security of your story. BookVenture’s U.S. Copyright Registration service lets you retain all rights to the content when your book gets published. This service lets you protect your work against any copyright infringement.

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Cover and Interior Proofs

No need to worry about your online navigation or Internet problems. We can send you physical cover and interior proofs for your book upon request. Dare to know more about our Cover & Interior Proofs service.

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Book Returns Program

Offer a returnability option to bookstores and give them the chance to stock your book on their bookshelves. Book Returns Program refers to the ability of a bookstore to return unsold copies of your book.

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Formatting & Layout Service

Convert your documents and manuscripts to professionally formatted books or e-books ready for publication with BookVenture’s Formatting & Layout service. What’s more substantial? Professionally formatted text plays a very significant role in the entire book design. Skillful and vibrant layout of your book will surely invite more readers.

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Data Entry

Ready your manuscript for the quick process of self-publishing. Take advantage of our data entry service today and we will give you ease in your independent publishing journey by having your manuscript typed and converted into digital format.

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100% Royalty Program

Sign up for our 100% royalty add-on service and get full hundred percent royalties on your book sales for 3 years.

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