Book Returns Program

BookVenture’s Book Returns Program is designed to help self-published authors make their books eye-catching, desirable, and appealing; to book retailers and resellers, so as to encourage them to have bulk stock orders.

What do you benefit from this service? Signing up for Book Returns Program is a way of attracting booksellers and resellers. Signing up for this service doesn’t affect author’s royalties. This generally means that your royalty is forever protected whether your books are sold or returned.

Having a Book Returns Program increases the possibility for books to appear on bookstores’ shelves. It’s also a good way of giving your book a great edge in competing with traditionally published books. Bookstores won’t lose anything since the books are going to be offered with “returnability” option.

Service Level Price Action
12-month Term $719
24-month Term $959
36-month Term $1,439

How It Works:
  1. The author needs to sign Book Returns Program Agreement and send it back to BookVenture Publishing LLC.
  2. The author needs to make sure he/she has read important guidelines on signing up for Book Returns Program.
  3. BookVenture will accommodate request.
Important Reminders:
  1. All paperback and/or hardcover BW and PC works published by BookVenture Publishing are eligible to enroll on the program.
  2. The author’s Title will be listed “returnable” on the Ingram Title Information Database for a minimum period of 12 months.
  3. The Program can be renewed at the same time or at prior to the expiration of the Term.
  4. The client author should acknowledge that the Program may increase the opportunities; it does NOT AT ALL guarantee sales.

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