Corrections/Revisions Service

Complete your book with ease and apply changes to your book even in the middle of production. This is possible with our Corrections/Revisions Service.

Here’s what you can do using this service.

  • Correct the text, graphics, design, or images of your book, cover to cover in order to improve the entire appearance of your book’s cover and interior.
  • Transform your black & white book to full color.


Service Level Price Action
Cover & Interior Files - BW $30
plus $2.00 per correction
(interior), base fee of $30 for cover
Cover & Interior Files - FC $50
plus $2.00 per correction
(both interior and cover layout or text)
Black & White to Full Color $409

How It Works:
  1. If you want to sign up for this particular Corrections/Revisions Service, contact our Publishing and Marketing team through our email address: or give us a ring at our numbers: 1-877-276-9751 or 1-877-684-1686 (fax).
  2. Our consultants will let you choose the particular issue/s you would want to advertise in.
  3. The Fulfillment Officer will get in touch with the company’s representative to reserve an ad space.
  4. Our Publishing Post-Fulfillment Officer will get in touch with the publishing department to accommodate your revision order and process essential details like the ISBN, metadata information, and price change
  5. A draft of the revision will be sent to the author for approval.
  6. Upon your approval, your revised files will be forwarded to the publishing department.
  7. A status report will be made upon completion of the process and will be sent to the author.

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