Cover and Interior Proofs

When you feel words aren’t enough to create a more visible book, then, you need to add more enrichment to it.

This service is designed so that you can request for your book’s physical cover and interior proofs with ease. It is also highly recommended when you are having troubles with your computers, the Internet, and your online navigation.

This service includes free shipping for U.S., UK, and Australia. For other international countries, contact BookVenture Publishing for applicable shipping charges.

How It Works:
  1. Fill out the Order Form (OF) sent by our Publishing Consultant and attach the manuscript on your reply. You may also contact our Publishing Consultants through or give us a call at 1-877-276-9751 or 1-877-684-1686 (fax).
  2. Our Consultants will get in touch with the production department to accommodate your upgrade order.
  3. You will be sent with additional Physical and Interior Cover Proofs.
  4. A status report will be made upon completion of the process and will be sent to the author.

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