Data Entry

We have found this easy way to help you acquire digital formats of your manuscripts. We aim, through our Data Entry service, to give you a quick, trustworthy, and affordable service of transforming your stories on paper manuscript into ready-for-publication electronic formats.

Service Level Price Action
Standard $3/page
Handwritten $6/page

  • Your manuscript should have a minimum of 18 pages so that we can get started of rendering our service.
  • We only provide basic data entry service and it does not include author required formatting like page numbering, scene breaks, page header, italics and the like.
  • We only accept English as medium of language for manuscripts.
How It Works:
  1. Send us a copy of your manuscript for Data Entry.
    1. Standard
      1. You need to send either the scanned manuscript (original: typewritten) through email or send a paper copy of the manuscript through regular mail.
    2. Handwritten
      1. You need to send either the scanned manuscript (original: handwritten) through email or send the handwritten manuscript through regular mail.
    Important: Please don’t make any alterations/marks on file. You will have the opportunity to make all edits after the Data Entry has been completed.
  2. Author materials will be forwarded to Data Entry Professional for conversion.
  3. BookVenture will send you an electronic version of your manuscript by e-mail.
  4. BookVenture will forward the final material for author’s review and approval.
  5. Once approved, the Fulfillment Officer will release the final copy of the converted manuscript.
  6. Data Entry – (Standard/Handwritten) fulfilled.

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