Hardback Upgrade

Do you want to have hardback editions of your books?

Perfect idea! Hardback Upgrade service is designed to respond to this need. Choosing this service enables your book to strike a more impressive figure in its hardback form. You can choose a glossy, matte dust jacket or even cloth and start underlining the excellence your book from its cover. Hardback Upgrade comes with an ISBN.

This service is limited to books published by BookVenture Publishing.

Service Level Price Action
BW hardcover availability + ISBN $399/image
FC hardcover availability + ISBN $479/image

How It Works:
  1. Fill out the Order Form (OF) sent by our Publishing Consultant and attach the manuscript on your reply. You may also contact our Publishing Consultants through info@bookventure.com or give us a call at 1-877-276-9751 or Fax: 1-877-684-1686 (fax).
  2. Our consultants will get in touch with the production department to accommodate your Hardback Upgrade Service order.
  3. The production department will apply for an ISBN; the Publishing Post-Fulfillment Officer will apply for the book's hardcover edition; and the publishing department will process the hardcover edition.
  4. An e-proof will be sent to the author for approval.
  5. Upon approval, the book orders will be processed.
  6. A status report will be made upon completion of the process and will be sent to the author.

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