Finally, a complete package, with decisive details, textures, and a real 3D feel, is with the Picasso package.

Toughen the power of your book’s message through adding thoughtfully inscribed illustrations. Doing this can help your readers better understand the messages, theme, and complicated ideas of your work.

The Picasso service lives up to the artist’s technique in creating a realistic 3D interpretation of your story using colors and texture as expressive elements.

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How It Works:
  1. Fill out the Order Form (OF) sent by our Publishing Consultant and attach the manuscript on your reply.
  2. BookVenture will endorse the order to illustration artists.
  3. Illustration Process:
    1. Illustration Order received – Artist receives your illustration order from the Fulfillment officer.
    2. Character Formation – Artist makes initial character sketches (w/o color)
    3. Sketching – Artists makes initial scene sketches (w/o color)
    4. Initial Sketches forwarded – Fulfillment Officer forwards the initial sketches to the author client
    5. Revision requests (One-time revision free) – Client requests revisions regarding the initial sketches
    6. 2nd Draft of Sketches forwarded – Artist makes a second draft and forwards it to the FO.
    7. Approval of sketches – Author client receives the second draft and approves the sketches.
    8. Colorization – Artist colors the approved sketches.
    9. Initial illustrations forwarded – Initial illustrations are forwarded by the FO
    10. 2nd Draft of illustrations forwarded – Artists makes second draft and forwards it to the FO.
    11. Revision requests (One-time revision free) – Author client requests minor revisions regarding color
    12. Final approval – author client approves the final illustrations.
  4. The author has to approve all finished illustrations.
  5. BookVenture will then provide an approval form to the author that the Illustration service has been fulfilled.

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