Pre-Assigned Control Number (PCN) Program

The Pre-assigned Control Number (PCN) program enables the Library of Congress to ascribe control numbers in advance of publication to those titles that may be added to collections of the Library. BookVenture’s PCN service is designed to give every author a less confusing and easier way in applying for a control number.

Take note that only publishers based in the U.S. are eligible to apply for a PCN. If you are a self-publisher, you should be able to list a U.S. location as a publication place on the title page or copyright page of your book/s and should maintain an editorial office that can answer significant bibliographic queries based in the U.S.

All monographs that are published in the United States are eligible, except those that fall under these categories:

  • Books that have already been published
  • Books that have not been published in a U.S. location, as seen on its title page or copyright page
  • Books for which Cataloging in Publication data has been (or will be) requested
  • E-Books (i.e. books published in electronic format)
  • Serials
  • Custom Editions
  • Items under 50 pages except for genealogies, children's literature, and catalog exhibitions submitted by museums and art galleries
  • Textbooks below college level
  • Items not intended for wide distribution to libraries
  • Religious instructional materials
  • Expendable educational materials
  • Transitory consumable materials
  • Translations except Spanish
  • Mass market paperbacks
  • Single articles reprinted from periodicals and other serials
  • Audiovisual materials including mixed media and computer software
  • Music scores
  • Most microforms

How It Works:
  1. Fill out PCN Program OF and submit with the subject line: Application for PCN to
  2. BookVenture Publishing will process the application at the Library of Congress.
  3. Author will be contacted once the PCN is available.

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