E-Book Promotion

BookVenture’s E-book Promotion service targets the demographic that are immersed in the digital world. Readers who prefer e-books over traditional copies tend to be more tech-savvy and active online. In order to penetrate to these types of consumers, you have to tap into online media platforms.

At the rate of how new technology is rapidly emerging, so has marketing practices evolved. Social media marketing follows the principle of word of mouth in advertising wherein the consumers themselves will promote the said product. The e-book Promotion service allows you to make full use of social media platforms to spread your brand awareness, increase the discoverability of your work online, and boost your eBook sales. The goal is to get your target market to find your work online, read the details about it, and then purchase it.

The e-book Promotion service will include a Media Release Campaign, Book Trailer Promotion and a set of online marketing activities.

E-book Promotion Price Action
  • 10 times a day of Tweets to 733,581 Readers for 2 weeks
  • Guaranteed 700+ visitors to your Amazon book page
  • Email & Facebook promotion
  • Book trailer distribution
  • Media Release Campaign [1000 Media Channels]

Note: This service is ideal for books with 3 reviews. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

How It Works:
  1. First, you need to fill out BookVenture’s Order Form.
  2. You must submit all applicable materials like your Book Title and Author Photo, along with the completed Order Form.
  3. The Fulfillment Officer will then process your E-book Promotion request.
  4. You will receive the links to the tour page, along with the confirmation of eBook Promotion schedule.

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