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A story becomes more intimate when it is told in a way that’s closer to the readers’ inner narratives– in their language. Readers are bound to empathize more to your story when it is told in words they can personally connect to. Telling your story in another language broadens your book’s readership and allows you to influence a whole other audience. Language opens up a whole new world that you can share your story with. When delivered correctly, your message can transcend cultural boundaries and leave a deeper impact amongst its recipients.

Translating your book to another language provides you with a wider audience reach and gives you more opportunities to be known globally. BookVenture’s Book Translation service delivers high quality translation for your book; it follows a strategic process of editing and proofreading to produce an accurate narrative of your story in another language. This service ensures that all aspects of your book, from the cover design and title, appeal to the target culture’s preferences.

  • The Book will be translated, edited & proofread by at least 3 experienced native linguists.
  • The translated book style and formatting will conform to the cultural sensitivity of the target audience.
  • The translated book will be in DTP format.
  • A minimum of 15,000 words for book translation.
Language Category
Spanish Translation
French Translation
Portuguese Translation
German Translation
Canadian French

Note: Rates depend on the complexity of the book, time frame and language pair.

How It Works:
  1. Fill out the Order Form (OF) sent by our Marketing Consultant and attach the manuscript on your reply.
  2. To begin the process, you must send in all necessary details and applicable materials like your Book Information, and digital copy of your book (InDesign format of the book) along with the completed Order Form.
  3. Once all the requirements are provided, the Fulfillment Officer will then submit your materials to our Book Translation Specialist. The Fulfillment Officer will send you a schedule confirmation for Book Translation Specialist.
  4. The Book Translation Team will assist you and fulfill this campaign.
  5. At the end of the campaign, you will receive the translated version of the book.

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