Extensive Editorial Services

Book editing can go beyond the basic proofreading of grammar, spelling and punctuation. BookVenture’s Extensive Editorial Service provides in-depth editing of your manuscript that will refine it to its best quality, taking away any glaring factual inaccuracies and content mistakes. Our lineup of seasoned editors will study and analyze your manuscript thoroughly and suggest literary considerations to improve the overall plot of your story. Regardless of your book’s genre, our editorial service will enhance the quality of your work making it a more realistic and immersive read.

Line Editing

BookVenture will assess the use of language in your manuscript to ensure effective storytelling .

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Content Editing

Editors will suggest major rewriting and reconstruction of your manuscript to further enhance its general structure.

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Developmental Editing

This type of editing will touch base on all major aspects of your story such as the plot, characters, and pacing. Editors will evaluate your book as a whole to determine which parts need improvement.

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