Developmental Editing

Developmental Editing reviews all the elements of your story such as the general plot, characters, and storyline pacing. The editors will evaluate your manuscript as a whole to determine which aspects and areas needs improvement. This style of editing will study the initial information provided by your manuscript and develop it further in the plot. Its purpose is to highlight the impact of each scene to the readers, drawing out an emotional connection to the story itself and its characters. This is the most extensive type of editing that will make drastic changes to the story.

$0.079 per word

Developmental editing checks for:

  • Perspective
  • Point of View
  • Character Voice
  • Character Development
  • Plot Structure
  • Overall Theme
  • Overall Consistency
  • Overall Weaknesses Within the Story.

Developmental Editing Categories:

  • For fiction works, the editor will analyze the readership and genre to determine whether the content is appropriate. Then, things such as plot, pace, characterization, and dialogue will be closely examined.
  • For nonfiction titles, the editor will analyze the possible uses of the work to determine that the content is complete and appropriate, concepts are developed adequately, factual assertions are accurate and the material is well-organized. The editor will make sure that all lists, graphs, and illustrations are used effectively throughout the book.

*There is a 5,000-word minimum charge for all editing services. After the advance editorial, we highly recommend that your manuscript goes through the copyediting process.

Estimated Time of Fulfillment

Seven to three weeks  depending on the company’s current work queue and your manuscript’s complexity. 


Extensive Editorial Service can only occur during the production stage. The service is not applicable if the author’s book has already been printed or out for distribution.


  • There will only be 1 FREE Revision
  • After the 1st Revision, Standard Rate will apply.
  • It is important to ensure that all corrections are sent back to us in one communication. Subsequent corrections will be charged and standard rates will apply. Please ensure to inform the author to send complete corrections in one communication.

How It Works:
  1. You must fill out out the Order Form (OF) sent by our Publishing Consultant and attach the manuscript on your reply.
  2. Fulfillment Team will forward the manuscript to the professional editor.
  3. After editing, the professional editor will forward the initial edited manuscript. You have the right to accept or reject the parts that have been modified on the original manuscript.
    • Note: It is imperative that all corrections are sent back to in one communication. Subsequent corrections will be charged and standard rates will apply.
  4. You have to approve the final and edited manuscript
  5. We will send you an approval form to confirm that the Extensive Editorial Service has been fulfilled.

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