Selling your self-published book requires an intricate marketing plan. BookVenture provides all the essential tools to maximize your book’s sales potential. With our broad range of marketing services, we guarantee your book will shine through dynamic media platforms. Establish your brand with us and make your book a bestseller!

BookVenture aims to keep you ahead of your competitors by guiding you in the right direction. Not only do we want to bring your story to life in the best quality possible, we also want to have your name recognized worldwide. Through excellent marketing strategies and tactics, your brand will become a household name. We want to assist you in getting your book published and marketed in the most creative and practical ways possible. And we will accomplish it through our brilliant team of professional copyeditors, web designers, layout artists, formatters, copywriters, publishing and marketing consultants, and publicists. accomplish this through our brilliant team of professional copyeditors, web designers, layout artists, formatters, copywriters, publishing and marketing consultants, and publicists.

Marketing Services

Once your manuscript is complete, what you need next is refinement. Polish your book for global marketing and make it stand out amongst others. Make your book a bestseller through our Marketing Services.

Web Design

Start your journey by making it a perfect time for your readers to access and communicate with you easily. Having your own website can make it happen. When you have your own website, it is easier for you to reach out to your readers and vice versa. In today’s world, a website, which will also serve as your online store, is indisputably necessary to connect and communicate with everyone who is a potential client.

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Book Exhibit

Intensify Your Marketing Tactics!

Build new business relationships and meet more prospective buyers through book exhibits. It’s a great way start to find and join some networks and people who might be interested in your work.

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Book Trailer

Make a name for yourself by making a trailer for your book. Since a book trailer can easily go viral, making one for your book is the best way for you to get recognition from librarians, book sellers, most importantly from your prospective buyers.

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Have you ever considered placing your book on the kind of fame that movie producers bring to some selected individuals? If your answer is yes, then Book-to-Screen service is what you definitely need in your book marketing strategies.

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Bookmarks Magazine

Reach at least thousands of readers and book lovers by choosing our Bookmarks Magazine service. Targeted exposure is an absolute way your story can become a success.

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Radio Interview

Get the chance to be interviewed by a veteran broadcaster in the country. Ric Bratton’s expertise includes extensive experience in both radio and television as a talented interviewer, who is able to host his shows without spin or shock.

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Ingram Advance Catalogs

Looking for a stronger edge for your book promotion campaigns? Rush to a stable and established name to help you out. Ingram Catalogs service provides every book the chance to stand out in the market through a wide range of advertisement options you can take advantage.

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Print Materials

Getting ready to market your book? Be sure you have all the must-have print materials such as Business Cards, Bookmarks, Post Cards, and Posters to help you achieve your goals. Strengthen your book marketing campaigns through a complete preparation.

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eMag Advertising

Increase your online presence through digital advertising. This service enables every independent author to maximize his maximum potential in book marketing and to be easily noticed by online readers without hassles of subscription.

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Retailer Preview Program

Now you can have your book previewed at your favorite online booksellers, drive more book sales, and attract more book buyers online without spending a lot. Sign up for our Retail Preview Program.

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Author Video Interview

The Spotlight’s On YOU!

Reach your Readers further by engaging them in the most genuine and personal way. A video interview will let you communicate with your readers while promoting yourself and your book in the process. The video can go viral rapidly and can be used as a marketing tool to gain recognition as an author.

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Web TV Interview

Broadcast your work on the digital screen!

You’ve finished writing your book, now it’s time to talk about it. Take advantage of today’s most accessible advertising platform - the internet. Promote your work via video interview and make it viral online by sharing it.

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International Book Rights

Make your book a global phenomenon! BookVenture’s International Book Rights service will help you sell your book rights to foreign publishers by showcasing it in International Book Exhibits and making it available on a digital selling platform. Not only will you have the opportunity to bring in more revenue, your book will also improve its marketing success.

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Flip-A-Page Widget

Catch your reader’s eye through a creative visual presentation of your book. BookVenture’s Flip-A-Widget offers you the opportunity to create a realistic page-flipping animation of an excerpt of your story. Take advantage of what experts proclaim as one of the most effective marketing tools.

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Big Screen Advertising

With BookVenture’s Big Screen Advertising, your work will get featured on the same theater screens that blockbuster movies are played on. This type of advertising guarantees full audience reception because there are no distractions in the cinema setting, which means your captive audience is more engaged in your advertising message.

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TV Advertising

BookVenture’s TV Ad Teaser will help you build your brand and help it skyrocket to fame. Promote your book on a massive scale by airing it in a TV Ad on a national television for a whole month! The TV Ad Teaser will air your TV Ad on major cable networks in selected market areas in over 70 locations.

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New York Times Media Blast

BooKVenture’s New York Times Media Blast will feature your book in a single slot advertisement in the publication and a one-page press release that will be distributed to 1000 media outlets. This is your opportunity to promote your book to your audience through a broadly read publication and several media platforms.

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LA Times Media Blast

BookVenture’s LA Times Media Blast will feature your book in a half page advertisement in the Los Angeles Times Sunday Art & Book Section, and on a full page ad in Uncaged eMagazine publication. This service also lets you catalog and track your books through LibraryThing book listing. Additionally, your book will be highlighted in a press release that will be distributed to 1000 media outlets in print, broadcast and online platforms.

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Integrated Book Trade

BookVenture’s Integrated Book Trade service will showcase and sell your book in four international Book Fairs. These major events will introduce our book to a larger market, presenting it to millions of readers, publishers, book sellers and distributors. Additionally, you get to avail the Media Release Campaign service, and have your book featured in the CBE Fair Buddy App wherein users can conveniently order and purchase copies of it.

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Library Pitch

Library Pitch will market your book in local and national libraries and advertise it through literary events. The service will introduce and pitch your work to over 3000 librarians and feature it on print and digital publications for maximum exposure.

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