Book-to-Coverage has been considered the most cost-effective way of getting a proficiently written outline of your book in a database, where it gets the chance to be chosen by movie makers during their search for stories that deserve motion picture adaptations.

This package consists of three basic sections: a cover sheet, synopsis and comments. Once your book is equipped with all the necessary elements for movie adaptation it will then be endorsed to movie producers and significant people in production companies, story departments at agencies, and studios

Make your book qualified material for prospective agents, movie producers, and film industries. Submit to us a copy of your manuscript today.

Love Through Time 

by Kelly S. Scandizzo See preview

Coverage Package Features:

  • A rigorously done summary showcasing the characters and events in your book.
  • Comments about the strengths and weaknesses of your book, which can possibly be a factor for you book’s viability for movie/tv series adaptation.
  • To maintain full ownership of your coverage, we will apply for a US Copyright for it. You can use your coverage during your pitch appoinments on your press kit submission.

How It Works:
  1. Fill out the Order Form (OF) sent by our Marketing Consultant and attach the manuscript on your reply.
  2. Depending on what service level of our Book-to-Screen service you pick, our Marketing Service Representative will coordinate with the Fulfillment Officer to communicate with the screenwriters.
  3. Fulfillment Officer will send a copy of the Coverage/Treatment/Screenplay to the author.

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