Get an essential synopsis of your work’s screenplay idea by taking advantage of our Book-to-Treatment package. Experience that Hollywood-type of fame that only a few story tellers can grab.

Taking advantage of this package will provide you with a well-constructed 7-10 page summary of your book’s screenplay idea, which highlights your story’s thought, plot, and characters. Your story’ outline comprises comprehensible ideas as to what type of story your book is ready to share. It will also highlight the interesting characters in your book, used to engage the interest of readers in less than an hour. Get your book registered in an online database which is the source of most movie producers in their continuous search of interesting themes and genres for film projects.

Witness how you can invite the interests of those people who work in the movie industries. Opt for this service and have an enticing outline of your book to get started.

Freeze Land

by Huda Ayaz See preview

​Treatment Package Features:

  • We will assign your book to a professional screenwriter that perfectly matches your book’s genre.
  • A 7-10 page treatment will be created detailing the strategy to convert your manuscript into a movie or a tv series.
  • Directory registration of your treatment serving as an exposure to gain attention from co-writers, movie reviewers, and producers.
  • To maintain full ownership of your treatment, we will apply for a US Copyright for it. You can use your treatment during your pitch appoinments on your screenplay applications.

How It Works:
  1. Fill out the Order Form (OF) sent by our Marketing Consultant and attach the manuscript on your reply.
  2. Depending on what service level of our Book-to-Screen service you pick, our Marketing Service Representative will coordinate with the Fulfillment Officer to communicate with the screenwriters.
  3. Fulfillment Officer will send a copy of the Coverage/Treatment/Screenplay to the author.

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