Flip a Page Widget

Catch your reader’s eye through a creative visual presentation of your book. BookVenture’s Flip-A-Widget offers you the opportunity to create a realistic page-flipping animation of an excerpt of your story. Impress your audience with the app’s features that allows them to view videos, listen to audio clips and find links related to your book. It also gives them the option to send in their feedback and share the book on their social media accounts. Flip-a-Widget combines the best of both worlds by linking website to social media for better marketability of your book.

Flip-a-Page Widget

  • Realistic Page Flipping
  • Excellent Reading Experience
  • Fast Content Delivery
  • Easy Sharing Capabilities
  • Unlimited # of shop links
  • Links to online reviews
  • Distribution Options
How It Works:
  1. First, you need to fill out BookVenture’s Order Form.
  2. Provide all applicable details such as Title, Publisher, website links, etc.
  3. Once you submit the Order Form, the Fulfillment Office will then process the profile setup and creation of widget.
  4. You will be notified via email once your account has successfully been set up and we will send you your log-in access so you can begin managing your widget.

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