Web TV Interview

Who needs to pay for an expensive Live Interview shoot when you can broadcast it on the most accessible media platform today? With BookVenture’s Web TV Interview you can skip doing expensive Live Interviews in production studios and just get a more affordable but equally effective alternative.

BookVenture’s Web TV Interview lets you create your own customized video interview and easily circulate it online to promote your work. You can avoid all the unnecessary hassles of having to shoot Live Interviews because with the Web TV Interview, you get a chance to edit your answers and prepare for them in the process. Take a step up in promoting your book now!

Web TV Interview

  • 3-5Mins. Online Interview using Google Hangout
  • Distribution to 10+ video sharing sites like Youtube
  • 1 round of edit at no extra cost
  • Link to the final product which author can forward and share to as many contacts in your network as preferred
  • Video Posting on Author Website
  • Video Posting on BookVenture’s Website (feature/announcement) & Social Media
How It Works:
  1. You need to fill out the Online/Remote Order Form with the list of questions from BookVenture or you can add your own suitable questions.
  2. We will select the best author responses of each question and assemble them into a comprehensive 3-5 minute-video. Two client revisions will be included.
  3. We will require your Book Cover jpeg, press release, author photo, book excerpt and other applicable materials.
  4. Our support team will then contact you for the minimal software requirement /Date and Time Confirmation / Interview Host Selection.
  5. Once post production is fulfilled, a link to the first cut of the trailer will be sent to you for approval.
  6. You are only allowed one (1) round of revision with no extra charge. Additional rounds of revision will cost $250. Acceptable edits would include:
    • Music swap
    • Addition/removal/replacement of still images
    • Re-sequencing or re-ordering of existing takes/materials included in existing video
    • Removal of sound bites
    • Colour correction and lower third correction
    • Audio level adjustment
  7. Once you approve, the Video Interview will be launched and will be distributed to video sites and BookVenture’s website & social media.
  8. You will own all the rights to the Video and will be provided with the final video file to share with readers, friends, family and include in your marketing materials.

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