Spread the word about your story. Our strategic publicity campaigns are specifically designed to build your credibility and increase your brand awareness. Extend your reach to a wider audience by tapping into unique media platforms for maximum exposure.  We will help you formulate your publicity campaign and assist you in executing it perfectly, down to the very last details!  
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Publicity Services

Increase sales by creating awareness among prospective book buyers. When it comes to book publicity, BookVenture Publishing has a proven track record of successfully implemented campaigns. Boost your reputation and build your credibility through our Publicity Services. 


Reach even more readers worldwide and add an international appeal to your book by signing up for our Newswire service.

This service offers a 400-word press release about your book, highlighting its theme, context, and the most significant information it can convey to all people. It will then be sent to over 17,500 media channels all over the United States. The Newswire is BookVenture’s advertising service which aims to widen the exposure and coverage of any self-published book’s publicity.

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Book Review

In this modern age, people are more likely to discover new books online rather than in traditional media. And they’re more likely to purchase the book if it receives high marks and recommendations from well-known reviewers. A book review will elevate your status and credibility as a writer and will help you discover the winning and competitive edge of your book.

Improve your book’s marketability by getting reviews from the professionals.

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Book DigiReview

How do you rate your book?

In the world of marketing a book, reviews can sharpen your edge. Bolster your efforts with BookVenture’s Book DigiReview, where you can get your work a guaranteed professional review from San Francisco Book Review, plus book trailer included in the package.

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We’re endorsing you to success with our Bookendorse service. Get your very own video book review and get featured in a written interview for a well-known magazine. With the proper endorsement, your book will reach marketing success in no time.

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Media Release Campaign

Press releases are your best friends when it comes to gaining publicity. BookVenture’s Media Release Campaign will provide the ultimate media exposure you need to reach your target demographic.

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Publishers Weekly Platform

We’re setting up your Stage! Get endorsed and promoted by a renowned publication to enhance your credibility and readability. The Publishers Weekly Platform will provide you with the necessary materials and publicity service to boost your book’s reputation.

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Book Signing

Sign your way to marketing success.

A personal appearance surpasses any form of book marketing strategy. Have your work featured in a professionally organized book signing event by BookVenture. Grab a hold of the opportunity to charm your target audience into buying your book and supporting your career.

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Blog Tour

BookVenture’s Blog Tour service lets you to promote your book on multiple websites and blogs in a specific time period. This grants you great publicity online through the endorsement of popular bloggers who are interested in your book genre. This is an opportunity to have your brand recognized, get your community of followers established, and your work exposed to an even wider market. People are more likely to buy your book when it is being promoted by a credible source like a prominent social media personality or a well-known website.

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Author Reputation Management

Become a household name through BookVenture. The key to succeeding in the business side of publishing is by getting your name recognized by the market. When audiences are aware of your reputation, they are more likely to subscribe to your line of work, thus ensuring higher book sales. As an author, you need to establish a good, consistent image that will always leave a memorable impression.

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Author Expertise Program

The Author Expertise Program is a special publicity campaign that will feature you in a 4-month-long editorial coverage by several renowned publications like USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times. This service lets you secure a regular placement in these reputable platforms to gain maximum exposure for your target audience.

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Project Center Stage

Project Center Stage service will let you secure placements in the most influential TV shows in either regional or national level. Through this service, you can access over millions of TV viewers and showcase your specialty to them. This service is guaranteed to level up your publicity campaign and further extend your market reach.

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Interactive Media 

Interactive Media analyzes third-party data sources to pinpoint users who can be converted to consumers based on their location, interest, and online history. A banner advertisement of your website can be embedded in a mobile app, a website or mobile games. By tapping into the programs people are using, you can gain their undivided attention and maximize public exposure.

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Book Animation 

BookVenture’s Book Animation service lets you create an animated presentation of your book’s content. It lets you convey your art through another creative medium. The video animation will be designed by professional artists who specialize in visual marketing that attracts on-the-go viewers. With stunning illustrations drawn by seasoned artists, you are guaranteed to leave a quick yet memorable impression.

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Cinematique Trailer

The Cinematique Trailer service is an innovative approach to book advertising which targets the modern crowd. It transforms your bestselling story into a blockbuster trailer, complete with professional actors and a seasoned film crew. The service lets you create a brand video with stunning graphics and special effects to delivers an impressive preview of your book.

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Radio Commercial Blast

BookVenture’s Radio Commercial Blast lets you tap into the radio medium of advertising. This service will let you deliver your message to mass audiences and help you package the message itself professionally. A team of seasoned media practitioners will help you create the ideal commercial ad to build hype for your brand.

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In-Stream Advertising

The In-Stream Advertising service is an all-inclusive marketing package that lets you penetrate all types of digital platform to promote your book online. This service is guaranteed to leave over 400,000 impressions over a month-long campaign.

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