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Want to make a name for yourself? Get reviewed, interviewed and spotlighted!

We’re endorsing you to success with this 3-in-1 package delight! A positive feedback means a positive readership, so we’re putting in a good word for you through a Video Book Review. You also get to star under the spotlight through a written interview that will be published in the Reader’s Entertainment Magazine along with a Sneak Peek of your book to create hype. Maximize your appeal to the target market by getting endorsed in every media platform!

From Consultant to Senior National Sales Director by Ila Burgardt
Book endorsed by Sheila English

  • 60-90 sec. video book review by Reader's Entertainment reviewers
  • Written Interview featured on Reader’s Entertainment Magazine
  • Author & Book Spotlight using your book's best excerpt
  • Purchase links and author website link included
  • Distribution to 10 video sharing sites like Youtube, Amazon and B&N
  • Links to the final product which author can forward and share to as many contacts in the author’s network as preferred
  • Video Posting on Author Website
  • Video Posting on BookVenture Website (feature/announcement) & Social Media

How It Works:
  1. You need to fill out BookVenture’s Bookendorse Order Form and Project Information Form.
  2. To begin the process, you must first submit all applicable materials such as a copy of your book in PDF format,Synopsis/Back Cover Blurb, Press Release etc.
  3. For the Video Review, once all the materials are submitted, the turn-around time will be 2 weeks. When it is finished, we will send you the final video file.
  4. The video will be uploaded to video-sharing sites and posted on BookVenture’s website and social media sites. You will own the right to share it with your readers, family, and friends. You can also include it to your marketing materials.
  5. For the Written Interview, you must first complete the provided questionnaire.
  6. We will then select the best responses to the questions and compile it. We may send back additional questions to create a more creative book & author endorsement.
  7. For the Sneak Peek, you must submit all applicable materials such as 1-3 chapters of the book and Synopsis/Back Cover Blurb.
  8. Once the Written Interview and Sneak Peek are done, we will send you the links of the publication.

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